FAQ and Support Questions:

When will I receive my CD/Book/other physical item?

We will ship orders within 24 hours of payment has been received. You will be notified of shipment and will receive a tracking number, if applicable.

What format are your digital download audio files?

Our audio files are hi-resolution MP3 files, and are playable in in software program or device that support MP3 file playback, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

What format are your digital download eBooks?

Our eBooks are in pdf format, and can be viewed in any program or device that can display pdf files, such as Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview.

I purchased a video/mp3/playalong. Now What?

Once your purchase is approved and the transaction complete (usually instantly), you will receive an email with a link to download your file or files. Additionally, your account history can be access from our main menu, once you have logged in to the site. From there, you can review past purchases, download purchased files (if applicable), and change your account information (name, address, contact, etc).

Can I share the video, audio or charts I purchase with friends, on Internet video or file sharing sites?

Please, No. A tremendous amount of time, resources and money goes into the creation and delivery of each title we offer from this site. We are a very small company and we share all revenue directly with our artists – so illegal file sharing is like taking money right out of the pockets of these respected artists! Please help support our artists and help allow us to continue to offer high quality video content on the internet by not distributing FredHamilton.com content illegally! For more information please see our full Terms of Use.

What steps does FredHamilton.com take to protect my privacy?

FredHamilton.com is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. While we do collect data for our own sales and marketing purposes, we do not share your personal data with any third-parties. For full details, please see our full Terms of Use.

Is the purchase process secure?

We use Paypal for all payment transactions, a leader in safe payments on the internet.

My download didn’t complete!

If you’re having problems starting or completing a download, first:

  • Make sure you’re using a newer web browser, such as Safari, Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 7. You can eliminate some problems by closing and reopening the browser, clearing its cache and removing unneeded cookies. Then try again from the beginning.
  • Make sure you have plenty of disk space. Allow at least 2-3 times more disk space than the file size itself.
  • Timing is everything – the problem may be with the Internet service or at our end. So try again later.
  • Are you connecting from work? Some companies configure their firewalls to prohibit downloads. Try from home or check with your system administrator.

If after troubleshooting you still are not able to download your purchased file, please contact us via our support form and we will be in touch shortly to assist you.

I can’t find my download on my computer – where did it go?

Depending on the browser used to download your purchase, and the action you take when the download starts, files may “disappear” at the end of initial playback.

To avoid “losing” a file, we caution that, whenever your browser offers a choice to “Save” or “Open”/”Run” upon start of download, you should always choose “Save” and direct the download to the desired location on disk.

I lost/deleted my download – can I get another?

We allow a fixed number of downloads for each purchase, and are unable to reset that number once exceeded. As such, we can not reissue download links for past purchases except for extreme cases.

We recommend using a good backup program and backing up all your computer data (not just music and video!). These solutions are inexpensive and generally easy to operate – much less of a headache than losing everything on a computer crash!

Are there minimum system requirements for playing the audio and video?

We recommend the following specifications to play our Videos:

For Mac OS computers:

  • A 400 MHz or faster G3 PowerPC–based or Intel-based Macintosh computer
  • At least 256 MB of RAM
  • Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or later

For Windows computers:

A Pentium processor–based PC or compatible computer

At least 128 MB of RAM

Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista

Please note that certain file types, such as hi-definition files, may require additional processing power above and beyond these specs.

What Desktop Media Player can I use to watch video/listen to audio?

Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player and iTunes are the most common choices people make to view our content.

A newer entry into the game is Adobe’s Free Adobe Media Player that can be downloaded at: www.adobe.com/products/mediaplayer.

This new player will play our h.264 and x264 content and is a good alternative if you are having QuickTime compatibility problems. This player will run on both Windows and Mac. While it doesn’t offer the connectivity function with iPods, it is a pretty cool player, and can handle many types of files!