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HighTIME is a funky band! It is Fred Hamilton, guitar; Pat Coil, keyboards; Lou Fischer, bass; Ndgu Chancellor, drums. We released the CD A Morning Walk for Summit Records this year. Ndgu Chancellor lays down a groove that will not stop and has recorded with a long list of international stars, which include Miles Davis, Santana and Michael Jackson. He and Lou Fischer played with the legendary jazz funk group The Crusaders and Pat Coil is a Nashville session player and has toured with Michael McDonald for a long time. I am blessed to record with these musicians and as Lou said, “It’s high time we recorded together,” hence the band name. You can download from I tunes or get the hard copy from Summit Records.

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Gear Links
  • AER Amps Short for Audio Electronic Research, these amps are spectacular for acoustic guitar and are very small and lightweight. With a very clean direct out, it acts as a monitor in a church or concert situation and sounds great in the P.A.
  • D'Addario Strings I endorse D’Addario strings and am confident there is the right set of strings for you no matter what style of music you play.
  • D’Pergo Guitars Stefan D’Pergolas specializes in strat and tele bodies made out of old growth wood. He made a tele-style for me and it is sweet.
  • Fender I still use old Fenders occasionally. I like the Vibralux and an old Princeton, which sounds great for some situations
  • Mesa Boogie Amps I often use the Lone Star Special with separate head and cabinets with one 12 in speaker in each.
  • Schaefer Guitars Ed Schaefer is a talented luthier and has made two instruments for me that I designed and he perfected. The Freddy is a small archtop and the Hamilton Headless is a solid body and travels very well