Music with Marc Seales on Origin Records

American Songs, Volume 2: Blues and Jazz
American Songs, Volume 3: Time and Place
Marc Seales, piano; Fred Hamilton, guitar; Jeff Johnson and Dave Captain, bass; Gary Hobbs, drums

A Time, A Place, A Journey
Marc Seales, piano, synthesizers; Fred Hamilton, guitar; Mark Taylor, alto and soprano saxophone
Steve Korn, drums; Phil Sparks, bass; Lary Barilleau, percussion

I was featured on these album by Marc Seales, a wonderful pianist and composer who lives in Seattle and is a professor at the University of Washington
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  • D'Addario Strings I endorse D’Addario strings and am confident there is the right set of strings for you no matter what style of music you play.
  • D’Pergo Guitars Stefan D’Pergolas specializes in strat and tele bodies made out of old growth wood. He made a tele-style for me and it is sweet.
  • Fender I have a Fender Vibralux and a Princeton both from the early ’70’s that I love.