I am an educator. Please enjoy these free lesson articles.

  • Comping Suggestions
    Comping refers to accompanying or to complementing when playing chords behind the melody or a solo. Guitarists will comp often in a jazz performance, so it is important to get some concepts together. You will often be hired because of your ability to help the soloist sound good by providing good voicings, good time and stylistic authenticity.
  • Defining the Changes: Part 1
    Playing the changes is one component of a good bebop melodic line. Using a blues progression, this lesson will work on clear identification of the third and seventh of each chord.
  • Defining the Changes: Part 2
    The ii-V-I progression makes up a huge part of jazz harmony. This lesson continues the emphasis of targeting the third and the seventh.
  • Major Scale Progressions
    This is a very necessary tool for your technique, your knowledge of the fretboard and the basics of jazz chord-scales. Start slow, one fingering at a time. Practice in all key
  • Recommended Books and Recordings
    Here are some of my favorite jazz guitar books and recordings. All are available in good stores or on the internet.
  • The Art of Practicing
    Practicing should be viewed as a necessary discipline, not as fun playing time. You only get better by doing things you currently don't do well. Check this out for an example practice session.